Maksoud Plaza


São Paulo Brasil

September, 25th - 28th  

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Maksoud Plaza


São Paulo Brazil

September, 25th - 28th



The event, day by day


The attendees may choose from six different learning tracks: Culture, Innovation, Collaboration, Better World, Experiences in Action Learning and General.

On September 25th, Professor Michael Marquardt, creator of WIAL will be headlining the event, with conversation circles and Action Learning sessions. Tickets for this day are available for only 15 participants.


On September 26th and 27th, the WIAL Global Conference offers several lectures and simultaneous workshops, on an integrative and collaborative environment. There will be case studies presentations, exposing the main results achieved on organizations such as Iguatemi Shopping Mall, Heineken, GHT, Libbs,  among others.


The day of September 28th is reserved for a special certification program, conducted by WIAL Global president, Mr. Peter Cauwelier, with this theme: “Building Teams through Psychological Safety”. This event will have simultaneous translation from English to Portuguese and have only 12 seats available.




Event that in recent years was based in countries such as the US, China, Holland and Poland, and in 2019, will be based in Sao Paulo - Brazil, from September 26 to 27. A unique event with great national and international names and parallel workshops. In addition, special sessions on September 25 and 28, with the Founder and the current President respectively.


With the theme "Action Learning as a culture of innovation and collaboration for solutions to current and future problems," the event will bring together more than 16 speakers, including leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, innovation, culture and education experts, who together with all participants connect, create business opportunities, and share learning.


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The event also includes:

Coffee Break 


Simultaneous translation for the sessions in english


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São Paulo - Brazil

The space chosen to receive the WIAL Global Conference was the Maksoud Plaza, a traditional hotel in the capital of São Paulo. The space offers a great choice of shops and services in the lobby, where there are no shortage of options. The on-site feeding ways are also plentiful. 150 Maksoud offers the best breakfast, lunch and dinner experiences in the lobby.


For those who want to stay on the premises, it is possible to choose from 416 rooms and suites, ranging from 34m², which are divided into executive, premium, suite, penthouse and presidential suites, providing different guarantees of comfort. The hotel also offers own wireless internet services, laundry, security and parking.



Confirmed Speakers * This grid will be updated with other names


Current emeritus director and former president of Global WIAL, she is co creator of WIAL Action Learning Approach. She’s an author, speaker and expert in the field of Action Learning. Dr. Carson has mastered teaching Action Learning to the full spectrum of organizational levels. She is an external OD consultant specializing in leadership development, problem solving and strategic planning. Bea has worked in private and public sectors, with profit and not-for-profit organizations, locally and internationally, for organizations of all sizes. Much of her work has been with highly technical organizations. She has over 50 Action Learning presentations and articles to her credit. Bea is cofounder and Director of International Affiliates for the WIAL; Chair of the Board and former president of the World Institute for Action Learning-USA (WIAL-USA); and president and owner of Carson Consultants.

Bea Carson



Based in Brazil and the USA, he has over 30 years of experience in World leading international companies, developing and selling development and training solutions for the US, European, and South American markets. One of the World's leading specialists in Action Learning programs for High Potential Development and Virtual Teaming. An expert in Appreciative Inquiry Executive Coaching, he is responsible for 100s of projects in organizations of all sizes, including several global projects designed to identify and develop senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. As a certified Executive Coach, he has logged 1000s of hours of coaching, helping C-Suite executives to reach their corporate and personal goals. He is a well-known conference speaker and has worked as consultant to LIDEM, a group formed by senior female executives from the largest companies in Brazil, helping them redefine leadership in Latin America.
Previously Mr. Brough was OD Director for Caliper Brasil responsible for setting up an Organizational Development practice in Latin America. He was also Director of Coastal do Brazil, the Latin American arm of Coastal Training Technologies one of the World’s leading producers of training programs and e-learning. He spent 11 years at ‘the John Cleese Training Company’ Video Arts Ltd. in London, where he worked developing training videos, e-learning and training packages in the areas of Management skills, Leadership, Communication skills and Sales.


George Brough

Peter Cauwelier


Current President of WIAL- World Institute for Action Learning, consultant and expert in Team Building. He is the first Thailand-based WIAL certified action learning coach, and runs WIAL Thailand since 2013. Peter reached the level of Master Action Learning Coach in 2017 and has delivered Action Learning training and coaching with organizations in Thailand, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as public workshops, both in English and Thai. Peter is member of the board of directors of the World Institute for Action Learning since 2014. He helps teams learn, grow and innovate together, and to take ownership of their own and their company’s future. His TEAM.AS.ONE approach is based on the team’s level of psychological safety. This approach takes the team, with its capabilities and culture, as the starting point for change. The team works together to find solutions tor urgent organizational issues, and explores how to be more effective as a team while doing so. The collaborative atmosphere accelerates the team’s psychological safety. Applying this learning outside of the team creates the foundation for sustained success. Co author of Optimizing the power of Action Learning – 3th edition




Verieux Mourillon

Senior Action Learning Coach at WIAL Caribbean, he has a track record as a results-oriented facilitator of performance, leadership and team development in the workplace as well as with diverse groups including cabinet teams and community organizations. He held positions as Human Resources Head in different companies at Barbados and Jamaica. Author of the book: Revitalising The Caribbean with Action Learning



Conrado Schlochauer

Singularity University Ambassador, he is a Lifelong Learner with a strong background working in the education management industry. He is skilled in Talent Management, E-Learning, Business Planning, HR Consulting, and Coaching. Strong entrepreneurship professional with an Executive Program focused in Exponential Technologies from Singularity University.  He was cofounder of Affero Lab, a corporate learning company that impacts more than one million Brazilians per year. He is founder of TEYA, ecosystem of innovation in learning. He also has a PhD in Learning Psychology and researches the importance of informal and self-directed learning on the development of society and how exponential technologies can be an important part of this process. 


Matheus Haddad


Consultant and speaker in entrepreneurship, business management and software engineering. Co-founder of Haddad Institute, Webgoal, Software Workshop, Granatum and Lumiar Poços de Caldas School. He has more than ten years of experience in business management, team facilitation and software development, always working with agile methods and organic or horizontal models of management. He holds an MBA in Business Management (FGV), Master in Electrical Engineering in field of Artificial Intelligence (FEI), postgraduate in Systems Analysis (FASP) and bachelor in Computer Science (UNIFENAS).


Got two doctorates in economics and business administration from the University of Bordeaux (France), also a MSc in management from the Kellogg School University (USA). He has a long teaching experience as professor both in French universities and in business schools. Dr. Daniel Belet is presently senior professor of management and leadership at La Rochelle Business School. He is the author of several books and numerous articles about management education, learning organization development, innovative leadership approaches and action learning.
In 2013 Dr. Daniel Belet was the co founder of the French affiliate of WIAL. He is a certified senior action learning coach and the co-head of WIAL-France. In 2018 he was the co-founder and president of IDELA (, a non-profit association that is the new home of WIAL-France. Dr. Daniel Belet is also acting as keynote speaker in various international conferences and operating as an independent leadership development consultant on people management and leadership issues. He is acknowledged as an international expert in the fields of the learning organization, action learning, leadership development and advanced management education.

Daniel Belet



Chair, WIAL Advisory Board. Founder of WIAL- World Institute for Action Learning; author of 24 books and over 100 articles in fields of leadership, learning, globalization, organizational change. Professor of Human Resource Development and International Affairs at George Washington University, Chairman of the WIAL Board of Directors, former WIAL president, and responsible for overseeing the worldwide development of Action Learning programs and coaching certification. 
Dr. Marquart has held a number of senior management, training and marketing positions; he has also introduced Action Learning to thousands of leaders and hundreds of organizations around the world since 1995.  Dr. Marquardt’s achievements and leadership have been recognized though numerous awards. He also served as the Editor of the UNESCO Encyclopedia volume on Human Resources. He has been a keynote speaker at international conferences all over the world.






WIAL Board member, Director of WIAL Better World Fund, dormer Director of Microsoft, Managing Director of Be Leadership, is an experienced coach, facilitator and consultant. She has a particular expertise in team coaching and was the first Action Learning coach certified in the United Kingdom by the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL). As one of only 10 coaches globally to obtain the Master Action Learning Coach qualification, Shannon frequently teaches the Action Learning Coach Certification courses held in Britain and uses action learning coaching to support her clients in creating sustainable cultural change. She is also a WIAL Board Member since 2015 and is Chair of the Institute’s Committee for Fundraising, Scholarships and Grants. As part of this work, Shannon uses action learning with clients to help create sustainable cultural change. She spent 17 years with Microsoft in a variety of leadership roles across the business and HR, with responsibilities managing globally distributed, multi-functional teams. Front Lines were held in Kenya in 2010, Peru in 2011, and The Philippines in 2013 and most recently in Ghana in February 2014. In 2013, Shannon was awarded the Best Practice Institute’s Top Practitioner Award for Talent Management. Banks also served as co-editor with Marquardt for a special issue of Advances in Developing Human Resources journal titled “Theory to Practice: Action Learning” published in Spring 2010. Co author of Optimizing the power of Action Learning – 3th edition. Shannon holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Birmingham, England. She also has completed an executive coaching certification with the NeuroLeadership Institute and is accredited as an ACC with the International Coach Federation.

Shannon Banks



Adma Garzeri

Coach and consultant in human and organizational development since 2003. She is specially requested by executives from both, multinational and national companies and also by family business owners for coaching, leadership and organizational development. She will bring all her experience and knowledge to the Conference, sharing real-world cases of organizational development processes. Electronic Engineer by Mauá, and Administrator by FGV, worked for more than 20 years as an executive and later as an IT consultant in large organizations, was a businesswoman specialized in systems architecture and project management. She was a member of Adigo Consultores and is currently a member of the EcoSocial Institute, where she was Coordinator of the Social Responsibility Unit, Executive Secretary, and President.



Eduardo Carmello

Director of ENTHEUSIASMOS CONSULTING IN HUMAN TALENTS. Organizational and Educational Consultant, has been nominated 8 times for TOP 5 of the Human Resources Top of Mind Award in the Speaker Category; he is a professor at FGV-SP in the MBA Strategic and Economic Management of People. Professor of Design Thinking in the MBA Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing and professor of Creativity and Modeling of New Business in the MBA Leadership, innovation and Management 3.0 (LIG), both of PUC-RS.
He developed an Online Courses platform for leaders and teams to learn about Change Management, Leadership, Culture, Resilience, Design Thinking, Singularity Management, Scrum, Talent Engagement and themes that support Cultural / Digital Innovation and Transformation within Organizations.
Participates in Silicon Valley immersions, focused on Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, New Business Modeling and Organizational Design. Author of the books "Management of Singularity: High Performance for Teams and Differentiated Leaders", "Resilience: Transformation as a Tool to Build Value Enterprises" and Overcoming: The Art of deal with Adversity. 


Rafael Comenale


Consultant, facilitator and speaker on mindset and digital transformation focusing on people, developing human skills and behaviors. He believes  that the technology can support people to respond to the demands of the digital era. Specialized in behavior and digital culture, he works with leadership, trainees and employees as well. Facilitates workshops for learning: content, debate and hand on. He has a degree in Social Communication and specializes in Coolhunting -  Instituto Europeo di Design and in Big Data, Hyperconnected Society, Futurism, Creative Processes and Blockchain by Perestroika and Storytelling for Influence in IDEO.


Marcia Yokota

Helena Mihoko Miyahara

Aline Araújo Penha

Magali Lopes

Darwin Grein

Maria Carolina Mateus

Luciana Rovegno

Marina de Mazi

Rosana Nucci


For those who, in addition to participating in the Global WIAL Conference, will enjoy visiting Sao Paulo, the hotel's location will be favorable. Maksoud Plaza is one block from Avenida Paulista, where the most important shopping, gastronomic and cultural centers of the largest city on the continent are located. Walking the Avenue, we find the multiple shopping, entertainment and food options, both Shopping Malls and street stores. A visit to the MASP, (Art Museum of São Paulo) traditional postcard of the city, is highly recommended. Returning to the vicinity of the hotel, a good nightlife option is located around the  corner of Maksoud Plaza.
From September 25th to 28th tourism is also a good choice for participants of Wial Global Conference.


We have a partnership with the travel agency Blautor. They are prepared to assist them throughout the trip, with quote for tickets and stay. The agency may also assist in:


- city tours in SP

- travel in Brazil and Latin America

- and other services

For more information contact Adriana:

Also check the visa requirement and if it is necessary to take the vaccine against yellow fever


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